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What Business People Say They Want...and Their Bosses Fail To Deliver

by Rick Baker
On Feb 28, 2017

Business people say...

I want to understand my role, the contribution I am to make, and how it fits in with team contributions and company success.

I want to have the opportunity to use my talents and strengths.

I want to know the goals I am expected to achieve and how those goals fit in with team goals and company success.

I want a "truly safe" place to work, make errors, and learn from my errors.

I want decision-making authority and autonomy.

I want "constructive" feedback, delivered with sensitivity.

I want to experience success celebrations.

I want to know plans are in place, providing a level of predictability.

[Fail to provide these things and you and your followers will fall into the Boss-Subordinate Chasm]


Things People Don't Want

Ambiguity/Uncertainty: changing rules, changing messages, unclear communications, impossible goals, change in general

Criticism: in any form, however, public criticism is especially undesirable

Overseeing: micro-managing, nitpicking, policing

Perfectionists' expectations


Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude

Our deeds tend to leave permanent shadows. Often invisible to us but seen clearly by others.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 28, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Often invisible to us: because we are biased.

Seen clearly by others: because they are biased.

As the saying goes - "Perceptions are Reality."

[Reality is such a biased illusion.]



Beyond Business | Thought Tweets

An ideal way to help people: show them how to 'disentangle' the energy and power they, naturally, possess.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 28, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Energy & Natural Talent: 2 things we all possess.

But,  we rarely experience people helping us put those 2 things to best use.

Be the exception...help people disentangle the energy wrapped around their Talents.


In support of self-consciousness

by Rick Baker
On Feb 27, 2017

In our lexicon self-consciousness has a weakness connotation.

We have been conditioned to think of 'self-conscious' people as timid people, people who cower under negative self-images.

Let's give this another think.

Better still, let's replace it all with constructive thought.

Self-consciousness is a good thing:

  • It means the person is giving some thought to self...it’s an acknowledgement that thinking about self is an important thing to do.
  • It means the person is aware of self...it’s a foundation upon which self-control can grow.
  • It means the person is growing knowledge of self…it’s the vital step toward self-improvement.

Like all other skills self-awareness, self-control, self-knowledge and self-improvement require guidance and relentless practise. And practise leads to mastery of skills when its guidance-system is housed in an educated, open and self-conscious mind. So, self-consciousness leads to strength in thought and action. Conversely, strength cannot exist when self-consciousness is absent.

Never should we assume self-conscious thought and awareness is only directed toward the negatives. For each of us, self is the essential ingredient. We ought to be conscious of that. And, we ought to wrap that consciousness in constructive mindsets, allowing as little room as possible for negativity.

We face an awesome choice – we can choose to accept self-conscious thought as the recipe for finding our most-positive things…like our talent, our courage, our confidence, our conviction, & our curiosity.

If you want to influence then Learn to Listen.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 27, 2017

The Thinking Behind the Tweet

LinkedIn is a valuable tool. We can use it to discover what other people think about topics.

I asked some of my LinkedIn friends the Question: What does it take to succeed at sales?

And, the most-repeated piece of advice was - Listen Better.


Communication: Improving Communication | Influencing | Thought Tweets

If you do not know your limitations then your willpower won't.

by Rick Baker
On Feb 27, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

"A man's got to know his limitations." Clint Eastwood said that when he played Dirty Harry in 'Magnum Force', (1973).

If you know yourself  and you know your limitations then you have a fighting chance to know when you will need willpower. If you do not know your limitations then your willpower won't.


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