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Invest the time it takes to understand people. Understanding provides for trust, motivation, & leadership.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 25, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

In part, inspired by a re-reading of Michael Gerber's 'The E-Myth Revisited'. Pick a demographic - learn its psychographics - and don't forget, we're dealing with people...not statistics.

Of course, there's a softer side and a more-important justification. Only when we understand others are we able to help them. [Without such understanding we ramble along, at best, half-helping ourselves.]


Your brand starts with your character and the culture you breed: your brand stalls or flourishes there.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 7, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

A brand isn't a cute visual.

A brand isn't a catchy logo or a slick tag line.

A brand cannot pretty up a flawed character or a troubling culture.

When testing new branding, take a step back and look at your personal character and your business culture. Do they pass the litmus test? Do they render an investment in 'branding' worthwhile? Or, do they neuter your branding expenditures?


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In small doses anxiety energizes and hones focus. In large doses anxiety becomes a demon that destroys quality of life.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 5, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Anxiety is part of our lives.

Anxiety is laced with rumination about past mistakes and problems or worry about future mistakes and problems.

In small doses anxiety helps us overcome difficulties, which leads to the building of confidence

In large doses anxiety can overwhelm us, leading to avoidance lack of confidence and even depression.

One key to success: when anxiety is triggered begin by taking on little challenges. that will help you gain the confidence you will require when you face larger challenges.

Take your big treasure chest of Curiosity off the shelf...dust it off...open it up...and put its contents to good use.

by Rick Baker
On May 28, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

At one time, you were an incessantly curious and creative person. You were chock full of curiosity. Over the years and through the criticism, you've locked much of your curiosity away...right beside your childhood dreams...and near your adolescent dreams.

Choose to take your big treasure chest of Curiosity off the shelf.


You were an incessant dreamer...night & day...light & heavy...fantastic...motivating.

Criticism and the trials of day-to-day life caused you to shelve many of your vibrant dreams.

Forgotten dreams, hidden gems, brightening lights.


"A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams."

John Barrymore


Multi-task for mediocrity or focus for excellence.

by Rick Baker
On May 27, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Brain experts are telling us: The uptrend in multi-tasking, especially multi-tasking involving high-tech communication devices, is changing neural patterns by strengthening some paths and weakening others. The neural paths that allow us to talk on the cell phone while surfing the web or creating a spreadsheet are strengthening while the neural paths that allow us to focus and concentrate are taking a back seat.

As this trend continues huge numbers of human beings will be able to do huge amounts of mediocre stuff.

We have a choice: we can choose to multi-task our way to mediocrity or we can focus & concentrate for work-performance excellence.

Put another way: we can choose to multi-task or we can choose to task-multi. [And major success only happens when we choose the latter.]


With Courage we are able to truly know what we believe in and what we don't believe in.

by Rick Baker
On May 25, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

We speak too infrequently about Courage, the #1 Value for Spirited Leaders.

This is a step toward fixing that problem.




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