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Even if that cloud doesn't have a silver lining it still might bring a rainbow.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 7, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

While I have never explored the interior of clouds to discern whether or not they are actually silver...I have marveled at the majesty of rainbows. 

[Perhaps that's not too bad for a half-colour-blind guy who studied math and engineering.]

[[...now about that visible light spectrum]]




Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | Beyond Business | Humour | Thought Tweets

I developed a serious interest in other people ... in less than 6 decades.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 6, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

From a very early age, I noticed people making mistakes. I didn't just notice it. Their mistakes scraped in my ears, seared my eyes and caused me all sorts of other discomfort, anxiety and annoyance. 

But, in less than 6 decades I managed to get beyond the constant barrage of other people's errors...and, when all the dust cleared, I found myself truly interested in other people.

No means No! (...well maybe we need to think a bit more on that!)

by Rick Baker
On Aug 5, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When I was a kid I heard the word "No" so much I expected to hear it, as a matter of habit.

When I was a kid I was told to say "Yes" so much I started to say it, as a matter for habit.

I've been spending time throughout the rest of my life figuring out how to respond "No" when my little internal voice automatically prompts me to say "Yes" when I really wish I was saying "No". 

"Get a Life". Reality TV has added a whole new dimension to that old admonition.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 28, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

It's now incredibly easy to 'get a life'. Our TV remotes provide us a full range of lives...numerous reality choices with many variations on how to annoy other people - annoying co-workers, annoying family members, annoying aspiring singers & aspiring dancers & aspiring entrepreneurs...annoying all types of people in all types of real-life situations...all available at the flick of a switch.


Do you spend more time (A) annoying other people or (B) watching people you don't know annoying other people you don't know on TV?

And, for those who are not avid practitioners in the art of annoying others...

Do you spend more time (A) solving your own problems or (B) watching other people struggle with their problems on TV?


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You are the smartest person you really know.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 12, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

You are the only person you really know. That assumes you take the time and make the effort

After all...you spend so much time with yourself...you might as well:

  • Trust yourself.
  • Be yourself.
  • Enjoy yourself.


Beyond Business | Thought Tweets

Doubters don't build.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 11, 2018

The Thinking Behind the Tweet

Doubters criticize. Doubters demotivate. Doubters question when questions are simply annoying.

In these ways, doubters are destroyers.




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