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Dreams of a better future light the path to that better future.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 28, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

"Past and future are dreams; now is a reality. All things are now; all power, all possibility, all action, is now."

British author/philosopher James Allen said that in 1903. It seems to me Allen's advice is a key to what most people refer to as 'time management'. I mean, if people pay more attention to the present and less attention to agonizing over the past and worrying about the future then they will feel less stressed...and they will feel like they have more time.

On the other hand, we should not be too harsh on dreamsonly dreams of a better future generate that future. As 2 examples, Marconi proved this...so did Martin Luther King Jr.

What awesome power lies in the combination of strong willpower guided by strong definite life-purpose.

by Rick Baker
On May 22, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Willpower is wonderful, but without proper guidance it consumes energy without purpose.

Definite purpose is wonderful, but without willpower to guide and control action it is unattainable.

Powerful leaders take us to new realities.

by Rick Baker
On May 11, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Powerful leaders possess the ability to bring about 'new realities'...some tremendously good, some tremendously bad.

While hindsight seems 20/20, for most people foresight is not.

So, most people find visions of 'new realities' to be unrealistic. Regardless, in powerful leaders' minds, they are visions of crystal-clear realism.


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Visions, Biases & Evolution

by Rick Baker
On Apr 17, 2017

We have wonderful dreams and ambitions…there’s no end to our visions of better things in the future. And, behind these dreams and ambitions, our motives are admirable – all around helping people, solving tough problems and building fun, cool and valuable things.

As we identify opportunities and conceive solutions, we are prone to trick ourselves. According to psychologists, we are predisposed to a wide range of biases. These biases skew our thinking, causing us to be over-anxious, over-confident and hold many other troubled mindsets between these extremes. If you were to fully research all the 100’s of psychological biases then you would probably be so frazzled you’d have trouble thinking anything positive about the future, let alone envisioning bright future changes. 

So – we don’t want to dwell on these biases. 

We just want to mention one of the biases – the tendency to be over-confident about our ability to predict the future…i.e., the ‘overconfidence effect’.

Psychologists tell us we are prone to be over-confident when we forecast the future. This causes us to over-estimate the success we will experience when we create a new product or service. While psychologists illustrate the problems this natural bias can generate, there are other ways to think about it. 

For example -

Scientists tout evolution. To a large degree, the concept of evolution is accepted by non-scientists. Along that vein, scientists and non-scientists alike can ‘blame’ evolution for our tendency to be over-confident about our ability to predict the future. And, consistent with evolution concepts, we can conclude this tendency must exist to help us adapt and survive. 

If we were not naturally blessed with the tendency to have over-confident thoughts about the future then we would be less inclined to envision better futures, set goals around our visions and be persistent in action aimed at our visions.

The where would we be?

[We’d be hobbled with low-confidence and submerged in fatalistic, status-quo thoughts.]




When Leaders tell followers what to do they need to limit that telling to BIG PICTURE things.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 16, 2017

The Thinking Behind the Sales Tweet

Some think Leaders should provide followers latitude to do their work as they choose. Some think that’s the way to breed creativity and maximize motivation, innovation, and results. Meanwhile, many [perhaps most] entrepreneur-Leaders tend to micro-manage. 4 keys to success in business:

  1. The Leader must pick strong/capable followers, 
  2. The Leader must tell those followers the desired BIG PICTURE things such as VALUES, VISION, MASTER RULES, and MAJOR GOALS
  3. The Leader must show those followers how he/she [the Leader] goes about his/her work [actions]…i.e., setting one example, the example that fits the Leader’s strengths and personality, and 
  4. the Leader must make it clear he/she expects followers to take action that fits their unique strengths and personalities.

One thing I've learned about drawing lines in the sand: before you draw them, set your Master Rules.

by Rick Baker
On Apr 12, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Note to self...

Know the rules you want to live by....your Master Rules

Anticipate possible situations & predict a set of outcomes...'scenarios'.

Visualize how people will feel and act.

Visualize how you will feel and act.

Do these things before drawing lines.


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