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A Vision of a Better Future – one of our most magnetic gifts.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 21, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

We have all found ourselves inspired by leaders' visions of 'a better future'. Even if we did not take action and 'join the cause', we were inspired by the fact the cause existed. Such is the essence of leadership.


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Leadership is about meaningful stories well told and important actions well done.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 6, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

When good-to-great leaders tell inspirational stories, their stories are laced with personal values and visions of better future situations

Stories well told: call them Sticky Stories...because they stick in people's minds. Sticky stories are remembered.

Actions well done: the most-productive actions are driven by emotions and guided by true desires and goals


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Self-knowledge is the often-overlooked success ingredient.

by Rick Baker
On Mar 12, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

People who have a thorough understanding of themselves do better as business leaders. They understand their strengths and weaknesses; they understand their desires and goals, they understand their internal drivers and their behaviour; they understand their attitude toward and their reactions to situations and other people. 


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Ambiguity poisons profitability.

by Rick Baker
On Jun 9, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Confused sellers struggle to sell.

Confused buyers struggle to buy.

Confused technicians struggle to perform.

In so many ways, ambiguity thwarts the possibility of earning profits.

Curiosity & Attention to Detail...big parts of the cure.



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Command & Influence

by Rick Baker
On May 31, 2017

Some people possess a natural ability called Command. It is one of those natural-talent gifts. It provides a natural ability to magnetize, influence, and lead people.

But that natural ability can only be put to successful use if the talent of Command operates within 'fair' boundaries. And ‘fairness’ is an extremely subjective thing.

People have a very broad range of views about what is ‘fair’ in the area of Command and leadership. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte was either one of the greatest leaders of all time or he was the Antichrist. It all depends on your definition of ‘fairness’ [often moral fairness] as it relates to leadership. Most people have trouble seeing both sides of the argument and seeing both sides, of course, is essential if we are to truly understand let alone appreciate great leadership.

As a rule - With great strengths come great weaknesses.

Often, the most gifted leaders possess great flaws. If we choose to judge leaders by focusing on their flaws then we can generally find material flaws, deliver our harsh judgments, and diminish [at least in our minds] the truly gifted contributions of the leaders. Aside from satisfying our troubled egos, what good does that do? In my view, that delivers no value and misses the reality of leadership.

Leadership isn’t about perfection.

Leadership is about forerunning human excellence, with specific directions in mind and in action.

Leadership is about inspiring people and influencing people to follow.

PS: Napoleon Bonaparte is one of my heroes.


Criticism: Constructive Criticism is an Oxymoron | Hero Worship | Influencing | Leaders' Thoughts

If you want to be a leader in your industry sector, return phone calls and respond to e-mail.

by Rick Baker
On May 19, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Successful people seem to have more time. Also, with the current trend of slackening business etiquette, returning phone calls and responding to e-mail will be a differential advantage.

Why not take the lead...in a return to common courtesy, improved communication, and real relationships.

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