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What awesome power lies in the combination of strong willpower guided by strong definite life-purpose.

by Rick Baker
On May 22, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Willpower is wonderful, but without proper guidance it consumes energy without purpose.

Definite purpose is wonderful, but without willpower to guide and control action it is unattainable.

Intrinsic Goals feel right...they inspire & they energize.

by Rick Baker
On May 21, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Intrinsic Goals envision life purpose, mastery of task, and self-actualization. Naturally, intrinsic goals align with talents and Strengths. And, in contrast to extrinsic goals, intrinsic goals tend to broaden rather than restrict experiences. 

Problems are inevitable, goals are not. Plan accordingly.

by Rick Baker
On May 18, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

As we do our work, we will always encounter problems.

As we do our work, we will not always achieve goals. 

Throughout our business careers, problems will outnumber achieved goals.

We need to keep that fact in perspective.

If we expend too much energy anticipating [worrying about, planning for] and addressing problems then we will not have enough energy left to achieve goals.

As we plan how our energy will be used we must make sure we allocate enough energy for focusing on goals.

Conflict at our offices: is it a foe or a friend?

by Rick Baker
On May 8, 2017

I have experienced some synchronicity around this topic...I have witnessed several unrelated instances...some people have complained about the interpersonal damages done by office conflict while others have applauded the value office conflicts have injected into innovative and creative processes. 

Business empires have been built around office conflicts and 'crucial conversations'. In some cases the empires are bestselling books, must-do and how-to manuals aimed at teaching people how to diffuse, reduce, remove office conflicts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a touted genius-of-our-time and an empire formed around the legacy of a partially-eaten apple. 

And, interpersonal conflicts create huge challenges in family businesses: parent-child rifts, sibling rivalry, family distrusts. When these entrenchments exist it is easy to determine the cause/fault. It always rests with the other guy! 

On the other hand, according to some experts, strongly-expressed differences of opinion lead to creative breakthroughs. Thick-skinned people locking horns in boardrooms and other meeting rooms...generating many diverse ideas...reaching a single decision...enjoying consensus...working in unison...achieving desired goals. 

Radically different views about Office Conflicts!

What's your personal comfort zone?

Your comfort zone: that's the key area...

What's your personal comfort zone?

  1. How far are you prepared to stretch your comfort zone to accommodate other people's viewpoints? 
  2. How open are you to accept different styles of communication when other people express their viewpoints?
  3. How clearly do you communicate your personal values and rules?

Put another way:

  1. Are you open to 'possibilities and 'new things'?
  2. Are you open to different personalities and communication styles?
  3. Do you know and share these important aspects of your character...telling stories to explain why you are the way you are?
As the ancient Greek maxim goes - "Know Thyself".

When you know yourself and know how to share important aspects of yourself with others you have the opportunity to be part of teams that excel at communication.
Internally - These successful teams may operate in friendly ways or in not-so-friendly ways.
Externally - These successful teams will present a unified front.
From Your Perspective - These successful teams will be inspiring, productive and gratifying.

"When you chase your tail ‘literally’, you get tired; when you chase your tail ‘figuratively’, you get nowhere."

by Rick Baker
On May 6, 2017

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Bad Habits are a lot like chasing your tail. They consume energy and take you away from your long-term goals.

Loss of Focus and lack of Concentration are, for the most part, Bad Habits...learned over a lifetime of distraction...self-imposed anti-goal activities.

Focus & Concentration are choices...You can improve in both areas...yes - easy to say and hard to do.

...and worth the extra effort.


Goals - SMARTACRE Goals | Habits: Good Habits, Bad Habits, & New Things | Thought Tweets

Do you want to be on time?

by Rick Baker
On May 2, 2017

On Timeliness...

Do you know anyone who has achieved success in life without having the habit of meeting time commitments?

As I write this I'm thinking of petulant actors/actresses exerting their will on frazzled directors...that behind-the-scenes movie cliché, where one person disrupts everyone else's plans and schedules.  On top of that, I'm thinking of the 1992 comedy movie 'Noises Off', which combined this behind-the-scenes movie cliché with a plot that is all about humorous consequences that could happen when people fail to meet time cues in live theatre. 

While we can laugh about people messing up timing in movies, we seldom laugh about it in real life. 

There are many sayings that capture our consensus view/wisdom around time and timing, as examples - 

  • Time waits for no man.
  • Time is of the essence.
  • Timing is everything.

Yet, almost all of us mess up timing, at least once in a while. We forget appointments. We arrive late for meetings. We fail to meet project deadlines.

Some people are habitually late. [Most families have at least one of these types...always late while the meal is overcooking or the cake & ice cream is on hold...waiting.] 

Some people are intentionally late. [They act like 'The Royals'...or like they are, by far, the most-important person at the meeting.]

Some people completely lack any talent for timeliness. [Like they have stormy clouds of confusion around their watches and calendars.]


It seems to me timeliness holds lower priority now than it did a few decades ago. 

Do you agree?

How do you feel about timeliness - 

  • Do you want others to be on time?
  • Do you want to be on time?

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