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None of us can forecast the future: the best we can do is predict...do our best...then deal with actual situations.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 1, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

About Planning: Why plan? Who should plan? etc. 

Predict! When the word 'plan' [as in 'strategic plan'] annoys people, don't argue it or fight it. Choose to use the word 'predict'.

The greatest of leaders change themselves. They mould their character to remove the bad habits that impair leadership.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 31, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Sometimes they replace combative attitudes with kind attitudes. Sometimes they toughen up their softness. Either way they mould their character to remove the bad habits that prevent leadership.

Even those not blessed with natural, pleasing personalities can learn to think and bite their tongues.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 30, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

You can choose to adjust your personality so it is more pleasing and less annoying. Sometimes, the choice involves biting your tongue.

When you annoy people you don't make money...[unless you happen to be a sitcom actor or a Don Rickles clone]


Communication: Improving Communication | Personalities @ Work | Thought Tweets

Discipline yourself if you wish to persuade others.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 29, 2018

The Thinking Behind the Tweet

Do what I say not what I do does not cut it. Probably, most of us can remember incidents when we were children and adults in positions of authority gave us instructions that they themselves did not follow. To the extent that happened, we learned to resist instructions that came to us as do what I say not what I do. As we gained experience and confidence our resistance to these inconsistent demands increased. Now, we have much trouble following instructions from people who do not lead by example. And, we distrust those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.



Business Contains Only 3 Things | Thought Tweets

"Get a Life". Reality TV has added a whole new dimension to that old admonition.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 28, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

It's now incredibly easy to 'get a life'. Our TV remotes provide us a full range of lives...numerous reality choices with many variations on how to annoy other people - annoying co-workers, annoying family members, annoying aspiring singers & aspiring dancers & aspiring entrepreneurs...annoying all types of people in all types of real-life situations...all available at the flick of a switch.


Do you spend more time (A) annoying other people or (B) watching people you don't know annoying other people you don't know on TV?

And, for those who are not avid practitioners in the art of annoying others...

Do you spend more time (A) solving your own problems or (B) watching other people struggle with their problems on TV?


Beyond Business | I'm too busy! - I don't have time! | Thought Tweets

Mediocrity happens when we live under the wings of our bad-habits.

by Rick Baker
On Jul 27, 2018

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Bad Habits follow us like shadows. Bad Habits make us mediocre. We can replace Bad Habits with Good Habits...it's a matter of choice...and commitment & self-discipline.

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