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If I were King for a day [Ruling in The Land of Disorganization]

by Rick Baker
On May 1, 2015

Some say, “If I were King for a day…

But, what if your daydreams are more specific? How about – you daydream about being the King who rules over The Land of Disorganization?

You imagine a kingdom where, as long as you have blood-line or other hierarchy on your side, your personal organization is not your responsibility…it is the responsibility of those who serve you.

What would it be like to be King in that kingdom?

What behavior would be the King in such a kingdom exhibit?

I've been daydreaming about this lately.

King…in The Land of Disorganization…

What's the minimum amount of personal organization my people would expect from me in my role of “His Majesty”?

That's the question I've been pondering.

I am The King of Disorganization. I have servants who are there to handle my personal organization. Servants organize my schedule. Servants organize my wardrobe. Servants dress me, cook for me, feed me, clean up after me. Servants prepare my speeches, my letters, my bath, my bed-time snack. Servants anticipate my needs and satisfy them in real-time.

Yet, I’m suspecting I may still have to do some things to keep myself organized.

Perhaps, there are some minimum obligations for personal organization…

Perhaps, I could not ask other people to organize my thoughts for me…

Perhaps, I'd have to make an effort to do that myself…

Wouldn't I?

Maybe not...


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