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OK – we get it – building relationships is a good thing…but How? - Part 1

by Rick Baker
On Mar 10, 2011
This is the first Thought Post in a series about how to go about building relationships.
At the end of the series, I will provide a customized summary…Building Relationships, from A to Z.
This Thought Post introduces the Brafman Brothers, Ori and Rom.
The Brafman Brothers wrote ‘Click - the magic of intimate connections
Brafman Brothers - how to go about building relationships:
  1. Magic matters...many describe the moment that way when they experience an instant or very-quick connection with another person [this will be rare – so, when it happens do not ignore it]
  2. There is power in vulnerability: many people are reluctant to open up...therein lies a key to connection on an emotional level…let down your protective guard
  3. A few feet make a big difference: proximity is important…get close [but not too close]
  4. Resonance begets resonance: (1) flow & presence, (2) flow - the experience of being in the zone, and (3) being fully present helps us create resonance...that draws people to us
  5. Similarity counts...quantity trumps quality...similarity helps create an ‘In Group’ dynamic: focus on the ways you are similar (humour, music, sports, etc.)
  6. The environment can help foster intimacy
  7. Certain people are magnets [I immediately thought about Malcolm Gladwell's ‘Connectors’]
  8. Quickset intimacy can bring out the best in us: the good news is quickset intimacy does not have to be left to chance


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rick baker
10/19/2012 2:03:08 PM #

"The problem is that as much as we want to connect with others, we also want to exert our own wills on the world and our relationships."

Brendon Burchard
'The Charge', (2012)

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