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So you think you have INSIGHT...

by Rick Baker
On Dec 18, 2012

Entrepreneurs have deal-doing insight.

Good salespeople have deal-doing Insight, which can be defined as:

  • a natural, deep capacity to understand people and situations,
  • a tuned intuition that identifies patterns & trends, and
  • an ability to see gaps and know ways to fill them.

True entrepreneurs and salespeople possess a set of natural talents that work together to create insight strength.

As one example:

Consider Ideation and Intellection...the ability to imagine ideas and the ability to think about and understand ideas. These are two distinct aspects of Talent: that is, to a degree they can be viewed as distinct. Ideation and Intellection are 'intertwined'. Many people tend to be 'set' in one mode or the other. As a result - few people possess the ability to shut off Intellection in order to free up Ideation. Few people possess the ability to set aside judgment and replace it with open-mindedness or free-flowing creativity. Indeed, very few people can switch back and forth between Ideation and Intellection. Most people get stuck in thought ruts...thought habits.

Q: Can a person develop Insight Strength?

A: Absolutely - Yes!

Here's a great way to start - read some of Edward de Bono's work.

Applaud curiosity.

Spend more time with inwords.

Remember - deal-doing insight can be converted into fortunes. 

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