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About Napoleon Hill

by Rick Baker
On Jun 20, 2013

There are certain books I have read, which have done the things books are supposed to do…entertain me, educate me, inform me, etc. But, no book has caused as much of these things for me as Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic – THINK and GROW RICH.

Not only did this work have stand-alone value, but it also provided leads to other great works, which in turn do the things books are supposed to do and provide new leads.

In his various works, which I have read, Napoleon Hill writes about an impressive list of business and world leaders and role models. These leads can be followed. And, when that is done a number of pieces of ‘hero worship’ can fall into place in your puzzle of life.

I strongly encourage ‘hero worship’…I don’t mean fanatical hero worship, or anything like that. I don’t even mean worship. These special folks are not gods…however, they are special among Men. They are special, because they were not part of the ‘mob’. Due to that fact alone, they deserve some study. As we all do, they exhibited character and also character flaws. But, their character flaws took the back seat to their winning character attributes.

Napoleon Hill introduced his readers to the bright side of life and the bright side of business riches. It is an easy step to say he also introduced his readers to the bright side of Sales. He talked and wrote about many successful entrepreneurs and many successful Sales people.

And, he always approached it from the bright side. There is no question, Napoleon Hill experienced some of the darker things in life: ignorance and poverty, the Crash of ’29, the Great Depression, and the two World Wars.

Yet he wrote about life and business in a most-positive, optimistic way.

He hero-worshipped Emerson.

And, Napoleon Hill hero-worshipped many others – Napoleon, Lincoln, Ford…and many others.

Strength in admiration...


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