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Do you have what it takes to DELIVERS?

by Rick Baker
On Dec 28, 2011

Recently, I was listening to an audio book about 'Courage'. When the audio used the words 'Vigilance' and 'Intention', I wrote those two words in my notepad - one below the other. For some reason, I felt the need to add the word 'Learning' to the bottom of the list. With this done, the sheet in my note pad contained:




I like lists and memory tools. When I see lists like this the first letters of the words jump out at me. The first letters of these 3 words caught my attention. While the natural order [top-down] of the first letters of these 3 words was well on its way to spelling the word 'VILE', I read them from the bottom up and saw the word 'LIVE'. And, that's when the word 'Energy' jumped into my mind. So, I reversed the order of the 3 words and added 'Energy' to the bottom of the list:





That was the start of a little list of important words for business people. But, too much was missing. For example, when it comes to business 'Discipline' and 'Strengths' are of about equal importance. One cannot thrive and deliver advantage without the other. I wanted to add both 'Discipline' and 'Strengths' to the list...and the first letters of these two words did not lend themselves to simple addition. If I was going to create a 'memory tool', I needed more words with just the right letters to deliver an important, concise, and memory-friendly message.

On the other hand, this isn't something you can force...at least, I cannot force it. Either words arrive and fit or they don't.

I allowed this to simmer for a few days.

And a few words came to me.

Here is where I ended up.

This list DELIVERS 8 Success Ingredients:

Discipline: knowing the choices are many and knowing the better and best choices are not so many

Energy: recognizing energy is the source of all growth and change, including that of attitude

Learning: viewing life as a long-term school of experiencing and discovering how to avoid hard-knocks

Intention: allowing wisdom, judgment, and volition to guide both thoughts and actions

Vigilance: focusing attention and observing, while keeping personal biases under control

Empathy: being able to understand other people, engage them, and build upon their differences

Resolve: fixing sights on a purpose and having faith about getting to that end point

Strengths: drawing on talent to consistently deliver near-perfect performance


Do you have what it takes to DELIVERS?



We have a 1-Page Tool, which helps people DELIVERS


1-Page Tools | Attitude: Creating Positive Attitude | STRENGTHS: People-Focused for Success

Comments (6) -

2/5/2012 5:55:09 PM #

"Discipline is irksome to the impatient man and the self-lover, so he avoids it, and continues to live loosely and confusedly."

James Allen
'Out From The Heart' (1904)

rick baker
3/28/2012 7:59:28 PM #

“Waste of time means waste of energy, waste of vitality, waste of character in dissipation. It means the waste of opportunities which will never come back. Beware how you kill time, for all your future lives in it.”

Orison Swett Marden
'Pushing to the Front', (1911)

rick baker
3/28/2012 8:19:03 PM #

"Students must learn how to discard old ideas, how and when to replace them. They must, in short, learn how to learn."

Alvin Toffler
'Future Shock', (1970)

rick baker
3/28/2012 8:30:09 PM #

"Goals and intentions are linked. Intentions can actually trump goal setting. If you fall short of intention, you will not likely achieve the goal you set."

Jeffrey Gitomer

rick baker
4/23/2012 9:48:15 PM #

"Unfortunately, most people just don't achieve what they want. And the key reasons may be that they lack the structure or disciple or willpower to make change happen."

Dr. Doug Hirschhorn
'8 Ways to Great', (2010)

rick baker
9/1/2012 8:28:37 PM #

"The discipline of desire is the background of character."

John Locke
English Philosopher (1632-1704)

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