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Doing - things right, right things, & less things

by Rick Baker
On Oct 26, 2011
Focus on doing the right things, not doing things right.
That’s now conventional wisdom.
Focus on the important things rather than the urgent things…‘The 80/20 Rule’ wisdom.
Here’s our take…
Combine all 3:
  • Do the right things
  • Do things right
  • Do less things
And, if this ‘strategy stuff’ seems foggy then remove some of the fog by starting with the simplicity of: Business Only Contains 3 Things: People, Process, & Situations.
When you want to improve the performance of your business, start by asking & answering 9 questions…
An exercise of 9 Questions
  • What does doing the right things to, for, & with People mean to us?
  • What does doing things right to, for, & with People mean to us?
  • What can each Person in our business stop doing…right now?
  • What does doing the right Processes mean…especially, from our Clients’ shoes?
  • What does doing Processes right mean…especially, from our Clients’ shoes?
  • What are our Clients telling us we can stop doing…right now?
  • What right things do we need to do to create better Situations for our People?
  • What things do our People need to do right when they face potentially-challenging [personally challenging] Situations?
  • What Situations must we remove in order to allow our People to feel better?
Those 9 questions… a good start.

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