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Roles in Business…what Gerber & Covey have taught

by Rick Baker
On Jul 28, 2010
Stephen Covey & Michael Gerber have provided great advice…and much of it overlaps…these two ‘gurus’ have presented similar messages but they have expressed them in different ways. Here, I am referring to Dr. Stephen R. Covey…the father of Stephen M.R. Covey [who is continuing the family tradition of using the name ‘Stephen’ and teaching business folks].
About roles in business…Gerber and Covey each set 3 levels:
Leaders [Covey] or Entrepreneurs [Gerber]
Set the Vision
Set the Mission
Set Overall Corporate Goals
Are proactive not reactive
Define Success
Then what do they do?
  • They provide Hands-Off Latitude [Covey]
  • They oversee The Mapping [Gerber]
Follow the Leader’s Instructions on Goals
Report Progress to the Leader/Boss, at agreed-to Timing
Their levels of Delegated Authority range from Go-fer [the minimum] to Results Reporting [ the maximum]
Create the Maps…to take the business from “Here – where it is” to “Goals – where it wants to be”
Organize, Prioritize, Establish and Document Process, & Supervise People, who are called: 
  • Technicians [Gerber]
  • Producers [Covey]
Technicians [Gerber] or Producers [Covey] 
Understand the Goals
Do the day-to-day Work
Are Specialists in their selected areas
Follow Instruction
This outline of roles, whether applied to business roles or to roles in not-for-profit organizations, is a good benchmark.
From time to time, I like to refer to this Covey-Gerber benchmark.
It aligns with Seeking Simple…:
  • role clarity removes ambiguity
  • role clarity improves the hiring process
  • role clarity improves the performance-review process
  • role clarity removes inefficiency and duplication of effort
  • role clarity ensures all the bases are covered
  • role clarity creates a starting point for decisions [example - who to invite to brainstorming sessions]


Delegation & Decisions | Seeking Simple!

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