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Making new errors proves you are innovative and learning from your errors proves you are open-minded and change-tolerant.

by Rick Baker
On Aug 2, 2020

The Thinking Behind The Tweet

Change is a good thing...even if you disagree with that, you must agree there's a lot of it out there so one might as well get accustomed to it.

Fear of making mistakes is a real spirit killer.

Constructive criticism is an Oxymoron.

With just a little help, Creativity springs back to life.

The Value of putting individual’s Talents & Strengths to work [at work]

by Rick Baker
On Aug 2, 2020

Overall, the value of strengths-based business can be summed up in terms of increased engagement and improved motivation, which leads to increased profit.


Here’s the logic…and the related emotional connections:

1.    People are interested in understanding their natural talents…we see this in their faces and we hear it in their stories when we sit with them to discuss their Top 5 Talent Themes.

2.    People want to use their natural talents…again, starting with our first 1-on-1 meeting, we observe enthusiasm when people talk about their talents; we also observe frustration when they talk about their work-failures and work-troubles.  

3.    Work-tasks can be tweaked to align better with a person's natural talents…this concept catches people’s attention; everyone we have interviewed wants to give this a try [many have doubts and want to see proof, however, all are prepared to give it a try].  

4.    When work-tasks are tweaked to align with individuals’ natural talents the individuals perform better – improved effectiveness…when people know they are being more effective they gain self-confidence – as self-confidence rises people are more comfortable with work and with ‘change’.

5.    When individuals know their organization is building a strengths-based business they – especially, the most-talented individuals -  create efficiencies, leading by example:

 ·        measureable efficiencies, such as lower staff turnover rates, and

·        common-sense efficiencies such as less time wasted complaining.

 …leading performers tend to have strong personalities, which reflect their character – the visible result of their innate talents, values, and desires; leading performers become fully engaged when they know their strengths are recognized.

6.    When individuals know their organization is building a strengths-based business they help the organization create a culture of self-motivationwhen individuals’ talents are put to use they find it much easier to bring a smile to work – each smile is a reflection of confidence backed by natural talents.



     Natural Talent

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